WTM Events & Conferences

WTM Events & Conferences

WTM Events & Conferences

WTM organized CRM Event in Accra city, Ghana on 20th March 2015. The aim of this conference was to provide new and better business opportunities to Ghana industry. WTM and its partner did conference on WTM new office opening and WTM products like SalesGrow CRM, HRM etc.

In this conference we are discuss on many topics like:

  • What is Cloud /SaaS CRM?
  • Grow Your Business with SalesGrow CRM.
  • Compare CRM Software with other CRM.
  • Customization of CRM.
  • Increase our business revenue.

Customer relationship management (CRM) can help to manage your customers and track your sales, marketing, customer support and inventory in single software. It can close deals in less time, save precious employee time and increase overall sales revenue.


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